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Justin Fields is more than just Chicago Bears quarterback – The Athletic


Kaden Cobb had to be honest.

As a reporter unfolded a long question about what Bears quarterback Justin Fields might mean for a young black suburban Chicago quarterback, Fenwick High’s senior quarterback Cobb couldn’t lie. .

“Oh, I’m a Packers fan,” Cobb said a day before soccer practice.

He then corrected himself.

“Let me rephrase. I’m an Aaron Rodgers fan, ”he said. “So wherever Aaron Rodgers goes, I’ll be a fan. “

Don’t judge him too harshly, Chicago. If you were an aspiring quarterback here for the past 70 years, you’d be looking up north for inspiration too. Cobb, a college quarterback who just led Fenwick to his first football state title, has been in love with Rodgers for years. Think about his options in Chicago over the past decade.

“I feel like if I was a Bears fan I would have too much chest pain and just too much misery,” Kaden said.

While Cobb’s dad, Devin, is an avid Bears fan, the number one cause of heartburn in Chicago isn’t for everyone. And for Kaden, who has been a leading quarterback since his childhood in football, he’s drawn to role models like Rodgers, arguably the best quarterback of his generation.

But times are changing. Rodgers’ days at Green Bay could come to an end and the Bears have Fields, a young, exciting and athletic quarterback Kaden can model himself on. Unlike the Bears’ quarterbacks of the recent past, Fields also represents something more personal.

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