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Justin Fields only needs 3 types of gym equipment in his new home gym


Athletes have become smarter with their training. They understand that their position in sport cannot be the same for everyone. Quarterbacks, linemen, and wide receivers all have different training programs. Some call for powerful cleans and heavy deadlifts while other programs push a prowling sled. When it comes to Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields, he also sees the playing field differently by choosing to conquer it.

Quarterbacks need to be quick, nimble, and have a strong arm. These factors are essential, which is why training should best reflect the movements that a player uses. For example, strength training is essential, but too much strength training will slow you down if you need speed. Additionally, muscle building is essential for strength. However, too much muscle will limit your mobility and range of motion. And that’s why Justin uses functional strength training over regular resistance strength training because it maximizes and promotes his sport-specific movements.

In Justin’s new home, his workout room will only have three things: resistance bands, kettlebells, and dumbbells. However, NFL players don’t train like they used to. Today, many NFL teams have two gym workouts per week. One is usually a day of strength using 80-85% max. And another day light weights use around 30-60% max focusing on speed. Before the start of the NFL season, it’s all about developing the ability to generate maximum strength. And during is on maintenance. You don’t want us to grow over the season.

Other athletes do the same

Tom brady is another example. Tom only uses resistance bands and has developed his system called TB12. Tom says he only uses resistance bands for his strength training.

Allen Iverson, a former NBA player, never lifted weights and was one of the best.

Russell westbrook, an NBA point guard, says he doesn’t use weights. Instead, he does 50 push-ups when he wakes up in the morning.

Yasiel Puig, an MLB right fielder, does not use any weight in his workouts. Instead, he uses bodyweight exercises and medicine balls.

NFL teams have swapped these strength workouts for more fun functional exercises that involve the whole body. And that makes perfect sense because that’s what they do when they play football. They are now focusing on bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, flipping tires, prowler sleds, sandbags, and other functional aids. In addition, NFL coaches are asking players to play other sports like basketball and soccer to stimulate their brains and neural power and further develop their bodies and muscles. These methods improve the performance of players rather than driving them into the ground.

When it comes to training, more isn’t better. Professionals now understand how a simple game of tag and Frisbee can improve and enhance their athletic performance. It’s not that strength training is bad for athletes. It all depends on how you use it, and most athletes abuse it to think they are getting stronger when it can lead to injury and decreased performance. It’s all about balance when it comes to playing games, working out and going to the gym. It’s about choosing the right gear to do the job the way Justin does.

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