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Justin Fields’ projections remain disappointing


The OTAs have a week to go, the minicamp arrives and then the big respite until the training camp.

So it’s that time of year for analysts and mathematicians to release their best projections for Justin Fields and the other quarterbacks. For the Bears, that tradition usually means disrespecting their passer, and sure enough, it happened again.

When Chris Simms gives you top marks, your season is probably halfway through.

Simms, son of Giants legend Phil Simms, spat out a few of his annual quarterback rankings for Pro Football Talk and NBC Sports.

The good news is that Simms ranked Fields higher than he did coming out of college. Will the wonders never end?

Fields is Simms’ 23rd ranked quarterback.

Sounds bad, but considering he ranked Fields 39th last year and expected him to be a bust, it’s actually progress.

Simms put fields just behind Zach Wilson of the Jets (22nd) and Daniel Jones of the Giants (21st) but just ahead of Trevor Lawrence (24th) and Jalen Hurts (25th).

A year ago at start of season he had ranked Lawrence 28th, Jones 26th and Wilson 27th. So at least Fields wins.

Simms also placed Sam Darnold 19th last year and he’s now 32nd. So maybe Fields should feel good about being 23rd after being 39th.

Professional football network released a similar quarterback ranking and places Fields 24th, one behind Lawrence and one ahead of Davis Mills, but three ahead of Jones.

Meanwhile, to everyone’s delight, the math majors at Pro Football Focus have released a charted article projecting sophomore quarterback “leaps.”

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It’s more confusing than an upside-down 1040 form. The end result is alarming to Bears fans who expect Fields to make that sophomore leap that many bystanders enjoy.

Pro Football Focus’ Conor McQuiston wrote the article revealing the reasons for projecting an average season by Fields.

“Justin Fields and Zach Wilson are more of a concern,” McQuiston wrote, comparing Fields and Wilson’s accuracy with other second-year QBs, including Lawrence. “Even the most optimistic projections only put them at a solidly above average passer and maintain improved but below average results on average.

“The silver lining is that it seems unlikely they’ll have much worse results.”

It’s based on a series of graphics that are harder to sort through than a corn maze in a pea soup fog at 2 a.m. Only someone whose hobby is creating Rorschach tests would appreciate this.

This is an article that should have been called “Fun with Parabolas”.

If you can’t get enough of quantum superposition, the Cartesian coordinate system, and Zeno’s paradox, then you’ll love this piece of, ahem, literature.

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