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Justin Fields saved his best shot for the last day of camp


Officially closed training camp for the Chicago Bears August 21. In the future, regular training sessions will be intended to simulate the preparation for real matches. The team will play its preseason final against the Cleveland Browns on Saturday. Next, head coach Matt Eberflus and his staff must reduce the roster to 53 players. Many names have made great use of their work at Halas Hall this summer. A little more than Justin Fields.

It was a difficult situation for the former 1st round pick entering 2022. The coaching staff who helped draft him have been fired. This meant he had to learn a new offense from scratch, while a new general manager completely revamped the roster around him. It would have been easy to get overwhelmed by such a challenge. To his credit, Fields didn’t blink. He embraced hard work, putting in countless overtime hours into every facet of his game. Results have already been seen in the past two weeks. He seems more comfortable in the attack day by day, not only play in it but take control.

History shows that when a QB gains comfort and confidence, he often produces more WOW throws. That proved true on Sunday when cameras captured his best pass of training camp in glorious slow motion. Fields launched a contraband. As he straightened his shoulders, he threw a pass (while fading to his left) over the outstretched fingers of Eddie Jackson for a magnificent touchdown to Darnell Mooney.

Justin Fields has proven why he’s so terrifying in these situations.

He had two options in front of him in this situation. Either he could have run off or he had a clean look to throw a pass. The defense was put in a no-win situation. Fields’ 4.3 speed makes him a deadly running threat. Yet they knew that if they slumped to prevent him from doing this, it would reduce cover, allowing someone to get behind them. In this case, it was Mooney. It’s a perfect example of why so many people begged the Bears to get him out of the pocket more often last season.

It’s unclear how well Justin Fields will play or not this year. The attack still lacks top-end talent. Mooney will be good. David Montgomery should be good and Cole Kmet looks set for a big year. The offensive line is another story. This new regime needs time to bring together the necessary supporting actors. Until then, Fields has to do his best. Looks like he’s headed in the right direction.

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