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Justin Fields says TE Jesper Horsted is ‘always open’



Quarterback Justin Fields has developed a good relationship with TE Jesper Horsted.

It’s clear that tight end Jesper Horsted is emerging as a favorite for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

The Bears signed Horsted as an undrafted free agent at Princeton in 2019, and he was first on the practice squad before being elevated to the active roster for six games that season. He spent the entire 2020 season at Chicago PS, and after a stellar preseason that saw him grab three touchdowns in Game 3 and final, he’s made the 53-player roster again this year. Although he was only active for one game, he was memorable there, capturing a 2-yard touchdown pass in the Bears’ 20-9 win over the Las Vegas Raiders with a defenseman on him:

When Horsted shared images on Instagram of the game that was Fields’ first career TD assist, and Fields commented on the post, writing a strong endorsement as QB can give one of his targets: “Still open.”

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Horsted & Fields seem to be developing chemistry in the field

After the Bears’ Week 5 win over the Raiders, Horsted took to the media about his TD take from Fields.

“Another good bullet from Justin,” ” Horsted said October 10. “It was a roll to the right and I’m on a turn path there, and I just made eye contact with him as he rushed over and slowed him down a bit because the defender had the back volume. Justin just trusted me enough to put the ball in place and I managed to catch… anything above the shoulders is going to be where I want the ball because otherwise I have to go over him and like i said, justin put it here on the money. “

Fields, who received several hard knocks while extending his hyperextended knee in the game, played through the pain and threw a strike at Horsted at a spot only the TE could catch.

“When you are at this time, you cannot think about what hurts you” Fields said about the play. “You’re just thinking about running this game. Of course, Jesper was sort of open at the back of the end zone with the DB facing him away. So of course I knew he couldn’t see the ball. So I just threw it away and gave Jesper a chance. Of course, he accepted.

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Fields on Horsted: just give it a chance

When asked about the placement of the ball on that TD pitch, Fields said, “I’m just giving it a chance. Put it where the defender isn’t. Because the defender can’t see the ball, so give my receiver a chance.

It was just a game, but Fields developed a strong chemistry with Horsted during training camp and preseason, as he trained with the second team for months until that time. for him to be named starting QB before Week 4. Horsted has also trained in the second team, and it is clear that these two players have a lot of respect for each other.

“He’s a fighter” Horsted said about Fields. “You’ve seen some of these huge successes. Ideally, you want to eliminate them. But that says a lot about your quarterback when he wants to come back and finish the game. “

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