Tennis courts

Laredo inaugurates new equipment for United Day tennis courts


The town of Laredo and District VI Council member Dr Marte Martinez held a groundbreaking ceremony for the United Day School tennis courts on Monday, November 22.

This project was an agreement between United Day School and the city of Laredo with the aim of providing residents of District VI and all tennis fans with accessibility to play the sport.

The town of Laredo has invested more than $ 210,000 to make improvements to the installation of six courts. The amount covered improved lighting, the addition of public restrooms, an office and storage space and an upcoming concession stand, among others.

“Partnerships with other members and other facilities in the community allow us to allocate taxpayer money more strategically, respecting what citizens pay and the services provided by the city,” said Martinez. “In District VI, we don’t have the capacity to invest a lot of the money available because we don’t have a lot of block grants. So we need to find creative ways to plan these types of projects that will benefit the community. “

The six tennis courts will be used by United Day students as well as future official teams. Additionally, the facility will be available to the community on a schedule that will not interfere with school hours and will have the ability to function as a venue for tournaments.

In an effort to promote the health, safety and well-being of the citizens of Laredo, the Parks and Recreation Department continues to develop opportunities to improve the physical and mental development of its residents.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by current and former members of the United Day School Board, including Treasurer Raul Leal; Laredo Tennis Association President Tina Treviño and Stroke Survivors Group and Volunteers, United States Tennis Association Representatives, South Texas Representative Bobbie Cantu, United Day Choir, and City Board and Department Directors from Laredo.

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