Training fields

Listen: Magnetic fields occur on “Music is Everything!” podcast


The Magnetic Fields are the guests of the latest episode of the Sonos podcast Music is everything! hosted by Elia Einhorn. Stephin Merritt, Claudia Gonson and Sam Davol perform four songs—”Born on a Train”, from The charm of the motorway strip; “I don’t believe in the sun” and “The book of love”, from 69 love songs; and “’71, I think I’m going to create another world”, from 50 song memory– and chat with Einhorn. You can hear the session at around twenty-six minutes in the episode below.

Einhorn says: “I have to admit, dear listener, that I was glad to wear a mask in the studio, not just for my safety, not just for their safety, but because my face absolutely fell apart several times in power from The Words and Feelings of Stephin Merritt.”

The Magnetic Fields will hit the road again in April for a three-week tour of the United States and Canada. The twelve-city tour begins at Tarrytown Music Hall in upstate New York on April 6, followed by stops in Northampton, Raleigh, Charlottesville, Toronto, Iowa City, Saint Paul, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


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