Athletic fields

Madison Park along the Isthmus with new sports fields, lighting system and basketball court | Local government


For the first year, the land will not be available for reservations, but residents can still use it unexpectedly. Sturm said that the “stringency of continued use” of reservations would prevent the domain from growing properly.

Upgrades Needed

The impetus for the project was the poor condition of the old parking lot, Sturm said, but other areas also needed an upgrade.

Asphalt on basketball courts cracks, deteriorates and is not level. With the improvements, the road surface will be deeper, providing a more stable surface that will last longer, Sturm said.

In the fields, water tended to pool in certain areas and destroy parts of the turf. But in the spring, there will be a water retention basin that will retain storm water and reduce runoff. The area will be planted with native grassland plants that help absorb water.

A depression in the ground at the south end of Burr Jones Park marks the location of a stormwater retention pond. A popular spot for the Ultimate Frisbee, the park is getting a major facelift with improved athletic fields, a lighting system, a new basketball court, and a renovated parking lot, all to be completed this spring.


Abbas said the improvements will make the park more resilient.

“Madison is growing so fast, so whatever project we do today, it will serve the community for the next 20, 30 years,” Abbas said.

Aware of the environment

Throughout the project, improving the environment has been a priority for the city, Sturm said.

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