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Maple Grove has started the process of upgrading three sports fields in the city.

At the Maple Grove City Council meeting on October 16, Parks and Recreation Director Chuck Stifter presented council with a feasibility study for the improvement of the sports field. The study was carried out by HKGi at three sports fields: Fernbrook Fields, Weaver Lake Community Park and Gleason Fields.

According to Stifter, each site was considered for its potential to meet the needs of athletic fields described by sports associations.

The council previously asked Stifter in August to execute the feasibility study contract with HKGi for the proposed improvements to the sports field and present the findings to the council.

The first proposed upgrades would be at Fernbrook Field, located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Fernbrook Lane and 99th Avenue N. The Maple Grove High School football / soccer stadium is located immediately south of the site.

There is currently no installation on this site.

“The goal of the development was to provide a new facility consisting of rectangular fields, which are football / soccer / lacrosse fields, made of artificial turf to meet the needs of sports associations and the community.” said Stifter.

He said the improvement concepts include a three-field layout with parking support. The fields would be linked into one large grassed area. The fields would be lighted and fenced with a four foot fence. There would also be a support building for toilets, concessions, storage and an esplanade.

The estimated costs for this project are approximately $ 6.7 million, with the possibility of expanding the facility (a fourth lot and additional parking).

Project partner sports associations include: MapleBrook Soccer, MapleBrook Football, Maple Grove Football, and Maple Grove Lacrosse.

The design is not final and may be changed.

Weaver Lake Community Park

The second proposed improvement would be to Weaver Laker Community Park, located on the 75 acres of city-owned Weaver Lake Beach and Park, just off Dunkirk Lane and Weaver Lake Road.

Stifter said the ball fields are right off 82nd Avenue. “The objective of this proposal was to plan the site to modify the existing ball fields into a tournament complex for youth baseball,” he added.

Upgrades include: expanded parking and field improvements with dugouts, reliever pens and batting cages. There would also be tournament type upgrades such as shade shelters.

“The hallmark piece is the structure of the building, which would be concessions, additional toilets and storage,” Stifter said. “A multi-purpose building and a hub for the tournament complex. “

The estimated costs of this project are estimated at 1.4 million dollars, the opportunity to add more equipment such as lighting of the field, a platform and a press box.

Project partner sports associations include: Osseo-Maple Grove Athletic Association baseball group.

The final proposed athletic field improvement area is Gleason Field, located in the southwest corner of town at County Road 101 and 66th Avenue.

“The focus was on a master plan to transform the existing park into a four-field baseball tournament for youth baseball,” said Stifter. “We are transforming the three football fields at this site into two more baseball fields. “

He added that improvements would be made to the existing baseball field at the site.

There would also be a central building for the concessions, a toilet, a shade shelter and a plaza.

The estimated costs for this project are estimated at $ 2.8 million, with the possible additions of additional field lighting, grandstand and press box for one of the fields.

This was treated as a blueprint for the development of a tournament type facility.

Project partner sports associations include: Osseo-Maple Grove Athletic Association baseball group.

Councilor Karen Jaeger said: “I want to thank [Stifter] and the Park Board for all you have done over the years to keep our parks and trails running. They are always well maintained. And doing that too, I think, is a great thing to plan for the future. “

Mayor Mark Steffenson said: “I think the only thing that is noticeable here is that we have a great buy-in from our community youth teams / organizations to pay 20 percent of the costs of these improvements.”

The council received the feasibility study for the sports field improvements and asked staff to apply for the Hennepin County Youth Sports Program grant for the 2018 budget cycle.

The next steps concern the overall plans and the project schedule.

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