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Maplewood sports fields are closed for the season


From the Maplewood Community Services Department

All Maplewood athletic fields will be closed for the season the week of November 9. Starting this week, contractors will be working throughout the community to aerate, cover and seed worn athletic fields. In addition, grass blankets will be placed at Memorial Park, DeHart Park and Borden Park in the coming weeks. The purpose of turf covers is to extend the growing season of natural turf surfaces, thus improving playability next season. These blankets will remain on the fields until early spring.

This fieldwork is part of ongoing efforts to improve athletic fields in South Orange and Maplewood which are shared by recreation and school district programs as well as community sports groups. Funding for the works is provided by a Field Fee Trust Fund established in 2016-2017, under which field user fees were charged to all individuals and groups using the facilities, by through their organization and / or registration fees. The Board of Education also contributes annually to this trust fund on behalf of all high school athletes who share the grounds.

Green spaces that are not covered with grass covers are also available for passive recreation. Orchard Park and Memorial Park Amphitheater are examples of open spaces to enjoy. As always, remember that off-leash dogs are NOT allowed in our parks.

Some other Maplewood Park options open for outdoor recreation include:

  • Playgrounds at Memorial Park, DeHart Park, Orchard Park, Maplecrest Park and Borden Park
  • Tennis courts at Memorial Park, Walter Park, Orchard Park, Borden Park and DeHart Park
  • Basketball courts at Memorial Park and DeHart Park]
  • Pétanque at Walter Park
  • Skatepark at Maplecrest Park

Melissa Mancuso, Director of Community Services, says, “For residents looking to utilize outdoor space and minimize screen time during our ongoing pandemic, we still have green spaces and fresh air for them. take advantage. While team sports are over for the season as usual, feel free to invite friends over and get active! As the weather gets colder just put in layers and don’t forget your face mask of course! “

Improving soil, reestablishing grasses, and constantly maintaining natural turf areas are expected to improve the condition and playability of athletic fields over time. The cooperation of the residents and all community sports groups is greatly appreciated and the key to the long term success of this field improvement program.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Melissa Mancuso, Director of Community Services


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