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Marbella undertakes work on three tennis courts Paco Cantos Sports Center


As announced today, Sunday August 7, on the official Twitter profile of the Town Hall of Marbella, renovation and conditioning works are underway on the three tennis courts of the Paco Cantos Sports Center in the Municipality of Malaga.

This is in addition to the works already underway at Pecho de las Cuevas, Francisco Norte, the rugby field and the pétanque courts of Las Chapas. About fifteen other developments will then be carried out in the facilities of this perimeter of the municipality by December.

Diego Lopez and Manuel Cardeña, the councilors of Works and Sports, respectively, today visited the start of the works. It is planned to last a month and a half and will solve the problem of rainwater drainage.

This will allow the practice of this sport “in an optimal and efficient way”, in addition to the possibility of hosting regional and even national competitions in said facilities, they commented.

“The works will respond to the requests of the tennis clubs and the municipal school of this discipline”, according to Cardeña. He indicated that the actions are part of the plan to renovate sports facilities in the two municipalities.

“They will allow them to be in the homologation of tennis courts with a totally different surface from the existing one. This can allow the organization of high-level championships, as well as the practice of wheelchair tennis, and with a greater use and easy maintenance, “added Cardeña. He stressed that the City Council “has worked with the clubs” to implement these works.

Mr. Lopez clarified that in the specific case of these three tennis courts “the soil existing until now absorbed the water slowly, since it did not flow, and, therefore, it did not go anywhere . When it was painted year after year, the porous part got covered and puddles formed,” he explains.

He announced that: “We will opt for another solution, which consists of inserting conduits around the walls, with water pipes, so that they go directly into the sewers”. This municipal renovation plan: “is alive and dynamic, as it works in all the sports facilities of the city whenever it becomes necessary”, he underlined.

Mr. Lopez indicated that in addition to the Paco Cantos sports center: “We are currently working on the second phase of Pecho de las Cuevas, to continue having more square meters of leisure areas. This is in addition to the one we have prepared for older people to practice sports in Las Chapas”.

“In just two or three weeks in this neighborhood, and in Francisco Norte, we will have more than 10,000 m² of new spaces for the practice of sports and leisure, as well as in the renovation of the lighting of different facilities”.

He also underlined that: “The fifteen or so very important works that we are going to carry out between now and the end of the year also aim at improvements and extensions of installations, as well as minor maintenance actions in the change of taps or of lights, among others”.


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