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Massachusetts skate parks, tennis courts and athletic fields may reopen on June 8 – Framingham SOURCE


BOSTON – All outdoor sports fields, courts and other playing surfaces (basketball, tennis, baseball, football, soccer, skate parks, etc.) can be used by the public from June 8, as part of the plan reopening of phase II of the State.

Sports fields, courts and other playing surfaces in parks, reserves and open spaces managed by municipalities or other organizations for public use are available at the discretion of the city or town in which they are located. find and / or the managing organization.

User activities should comply with social distancing and group size guidelines.

All visitors are required to wear a face cover or mask when they cannot maintain a distance of 6 feet between themselves and others, unless a health issue prevents them from doing so.

Guidelines for sports fields, courts and other playing surfaces:

  • Users should disinfect their hands before and after playing and not share equipment.
  • Users waiting to use a section or area of ​​the pitch should wait outside the playing field until previous users have left to ensure proper social distancing.
  • Scrums, organized games and tournaments are not allowed for contact sports in phase II, and activities should be limited to non-contact drills and training drills.
  • Contact sports are those where ordinary play puts players in contact with or near each other, and include, without limitation, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse.
  • Games are allowed during Phase II only for non-contact sports where ordinary play allows for social distancing (e.g. tennis and other racquet sports), but inter-team games or tournaments are not allowed.
  • Individuals should not congregate outside the playing field to avoid overcrowding


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