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Mayor: Barney Farms tennis courts, no place for the skatepark


WILKES-BARRE – What Councilor Mike Belusko heard from a resident about Barney Farms Park was true and Mayor George Brown confirmed it.

The public tennis courts near Brown’s house have been transformed into a skateboard park, with both temporary and permanent obstacles.

“I don’t know, are we going to allow it? I hate to take anything away from kids, but I think it’s a responsibility of the park that we allow such a thing. I do not know. What are your thoughts? ”Belusko asked Brown at the board meeting Thursday night.

The flat rails, handrails, curbs and ledges used for the figures won’t be around for long, Brown told Belusko and the other four board members.

“It’s a mess. Here we are,” said Brown.

It will be withdrawn next week, the mayor announced on Friday.

Belusko, whose District A includes Barney Farms Park, had not seen the courts but said he plans to go there this weekend.

“I was there because I live there,” Brown said. He learned it from his grandson on one of their walks in Barney Farms.

“What really bothered me was that there are 8 inch holes in the tennis court that someone drilled and actually concrete bars that they can use to move back and forth.” Brown said, describing the flat rail.

The courts are littered with debris and the area will need to be secured somehow, Brown said.

“Is this what we want? No,” Brown replied to his own question.

As it stands, the skatepark cannot stay there.

“I would love to have a place where people can skate,” Brown said, adding it was on his to-do list. But, he has focused on addressing the city’s main concerns as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

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