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Meals to take away meadows. by Fields of Gold:McGuire talks Spring Game, new faces, QBs


On Tuesday, head coach Joey McGuire was made available to the media after the penultimate spring training.

McGuire said a few weeks ago that he wanted to name a starting quarterback at the end of Spring Ball, but somehow backed off that position at the end of Spring Ball.

“At some point we have to do it,” McGuire said. “I want to see how they play. I’m going to sit down with Kittley at the end, do a bunch of assessments on Monday and Tuesday and sit down and see where we are.

McGuire said he was confident in his defense and was pleased with how the depth chart was starting to take shape, especially in the defensive back room.

“At the corner we have three guys who kind of stepped up,” McGuire said. “At the security post, there are a few”

The three corners McGuire mentioned that stepped up are Adrian Frye, Rayshad Williams and Malik Dunlap. McGuire continued and mentioned a few safeties he trusts being Marquis Waters, Dadrion Taylor-Derson and Reggie Pearson.

McGuire shifted gears and mentioned a few young guys who jumped off the page on both sides of the ball.

“I think Cam’ron Valdez had one of the best springs,” McGuire said. “Jacob Rodriguez, this guy doesn’t even look like the same guy who came in on January 1st at 205 pounds. He’s about 225 right now.

McGuire expressed some concern about the depth of the offensive line, but was impressed with the veterans.

“Caleb Rogers, we moved him from right tackle to left tackle and he did a phenomenal job,” McGuire said. “Weston Wright had a really good spring, the one I’m proud of is Landon (Peterson) because he kind of bounced back from the tackle and guard, he got better.”

Coach McGuire was finally able to provide an update on Tyree Wilson’s injury status after Wilson missed the last five practices.

“If we play on Saturday, he would play,” McGuire said. “I don’t want to put these guys in a situation where they miss out on the fall.”

McGuire concluded his availability with a statement on the new transfer signer, Texas A&M tight end Baylor Cupp.

“He’s been through some tough times in his career, but he’s a legit dude. He’s got the measurables, he’s 6-foot-7 and 253 pounds,” McGuire said. “When you think of the big three, Baylor , Mason (Tharp) and (Henry) Teeter, when you put these guys together on a pitch, it’s a DB nightmare.”

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