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ML Parks and Recreation Department upgrading tennis courts, trash cans


This is the second year of the city’s three-year trash can replacement project, and next year the downtown units will be replaced to complete the project.

Beck said while the investment may not seem large, the impact of the improvements will speak for itself.

“It doesn’t necessarily seem like a big upgrade, but it makes a big difference in keeping everything clean,” he said.

“It just doesn’t sound like we’d like our community to be represented, so it’s a chance to start on that.”

The City is also investing in tennis courts. The upcoming tennis season will be the first official season in which the courts will be owned and operated by the City.

In his application to council, Beck explained that the windshields currently in place are torn and worn, and that it would be in the City’s interest to maintain a high quality facility for the community.

“Having torn windshields, or no windshields, would not be a good first impression and would lead to a lower quality of play, and possibly contribute to less use of the pitch,” he said.

“Tennis court windshields are torn and worn…and don’t hold up. This year we attached lots of zip ties in hopes of holding the net in place, but this caused additional tears.

He added that the investment is another indication of the ministry’s commitment to improving recreation in the community and increasing the use of all facilities.

“There is no way we want to take over the tennis court, step back, and then lose some of the long-time clients we already have there,” he explained.

“I know it hasn’t been easy for the Tennis Association to step back after all these good years of service to the community, and we want to show that we will continue to work hard to improve not only tennis , but at some point I think you’ll see more pickleball there as well.

The replacement cost is estimated at nearly $7,500. The position has been added to the City’s 2022 capital budget.

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