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Moline Riverside Pool and Tennis Courts to Receive $ 7 Million Renovation | Politics and Elections


Griffith said adding lighting to the pool would increase hours of operation for special events and rentals that take place in the evening.

The project is divided into three parts:

Upgrades to the Riverside Pool are expected to cost $ 5.5 million and will include a lazy river with a slide that flows into it; another new water slide will be added to the main pool; new pool lighting will be installed; A playground ; new parks and recreation offices with a conference room; improvements to shade structures; electrical upgrades to the concession stand; improvements to the pumping station; new family toilets; and the resurfacing of the existing parking lot.

The second part of the project will cost approximately $ 350,000 and includes the construction of 150 to 175 additional parking spaces for visitors to the swimming pool, pickleball courts, tennis courts and participants of the Little League Moline.

The third part of the project consists of removing the eight tennis courts and 35 existing parking spaces, to be replaced by 10 new tennis courts and a larger parking lot with 54 spaces.

A sidewalk will be built to connect the pickleball courts and additional parking to the tennis courts. The 10 courts would be striped for tennis and pickleball to expand tournament use and new lighting, court nets and windshields will also be installed. The third phase is estimated at over $ 1.1 million.

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