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More time needed to work on Reston Association appeal on tennis court project


Barton Hill Recreation Area in Reston slated for upgrades (via Google Maps)

The Reston Association is seeking more time to work through the county appeals process on its proposed improvements to the Barton Hill tennis courts.

At a board meeting last night (Thursday), the RA board unanimously approved a motion asking for more time to gather information and for the appeals process. The board met in camera and approved the motion without public discussion.

The board asked the association to also consider “negotiating a resolution on the matter with the Hunter Mill District Supervisor,” according to the approved motion.

Staff may need at least a month to gather more information before the Fairfax County Zoning Appeals Board raises the matter at a Sept. 28 meeting.

The proposal was put on hold due to disagreement over what is needed to move the project forward. In addition to site plan approval, the county argues that in addition to site plan approval, RA must obtain an amendment to the existing planned residential community (PRC) plan approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors prior to installing lights at the tennis court facility.

RA argued that these additional steps are unnecessary and would burden the association with unnecessary additional costs and further extend the project schedule.

The association hopes to improve the lighting of the facility, including 23 LED streetlights. Renovation of four courts, striping for tennis and pickle ball and upgrading of lights are planned.

RA had hoped to wrap up the project by the end of the year, but it’s unclear how the appeals process will affect the timeline.

County was not immediately available for comment.

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