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Municipal park tennis courts freeze for second year


Ice hockey can’t be better than playing from start to finish with buddies and hockey fans. PC Rink teams will flood three City Park tennis courts. Playing under the lights has become a very popular addition in the community. | David Jackson/Park Recording
| David Jackson/Park Recording

Plans to convert the municipal park’s tennis courts into three seasonal rinks are entering their second year.

Despite brief bouts of mild weather last December, Park City Ice Arena officials believe the temporary rinks are well worth repeating.

“I thought it was a great success. As long as Mother Nature cooperated,” said Matt Genther, program supervisor at ParkCity Ice Arena. “It was a lot of work to maintain them, but it was definitely worth it as all the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.”

In November 2021, The Park Record reported details of this pilot program when recreation officials first pitched the idea to then-Mayor Andy Beerman and the Park City Council.

Their plan was to convert three city park tennis courts into temporary rinks by installing three 6,000 square foot rink kits. With this addition, officials can take advantage of an existing facility equipped with parking and lights for evening use.

“It was a great added benefit for the community,” Genther said.

As long as Mother Nature plays on the same team.

The Park City rinks on the City Park tennis courts are maintained by Ice Arena staff, but people must bring their own equipment. David Jackson/Park Recording
| David Jackson/Park Recording

Many may remember a few weeks in December 2021 when nature’s plans to deliver a green Christmas featured mild, almost balmy conditions with temperatures hovering around 48 to 50 degrees, even reaching 55 degrees in the middle of the month.

“I think it was Christmas Day when the conditions were rainy and slushy, and that shut down the rinks for a few days,” Genther said.

This year, with early snowfall and cooler temperatures showing signs of a successful second season, the biggest hurdles residents will face will be a lack of skates.

Although arena managers clean and maintain the ice and provide hockey nets, those interested in using the rinks need their own skates and equipment, such as hockey sticks and pucks.

“We have been selling pucks now at the rink since we opened them [the ice rinks]”, said Genther. “So we have washers that people can take there. We suggest that you write your name on them because there are many different washers used.

Genther also recommends following Park City Ice Arena on social media. Genther said the rink is expected to open around the end of December and operate from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., but it’s best to check their social media page for current rink conditions and hours of operation. People can use the rinks for free.

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