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Musician Amy Shark joins Fields Brewing

Contract brand Fields Brewing Co. has announced Australian musician Amy Shark as the company’s new co-owner.

Fields made the announcement on his Instagram page today [28th August] while Shark re-shared the post on his own profile.

“Proud to announce that I am officially part owner of Fields Brewing Co,” Shark shared.

“I love the taste of this brewery and hope you do too.”

Fields co-founder Luke McGuire said Breweries News that Shark’s involvement will be beneficial in promoting the brand.

“We had a mutual friend who knew Amy and we met her through that mutual friend and she was really interested in the beer industry I guess from a business perspective,” he said. -he declares.

“She is sincerely involved in helping, through her platforms, to promote our beer and she believes in the product.

“Those kind of relationships, they end up falling apart if you don’t have a good product, and she really likes our beer, which we really enjoy and [she] wanted to get more involved from there.

The Brisbane-based company was launched 18 months ago with the help of Brendale Brewing owner Ryan McCausland.

“We wanted to take things out of the craft beer theme a bit, where rightly or wrongly we just felt it was getting a little too out of control and crazy with the crazy graphics on the cans and [with] some of the ingredients,” McGuire said.

“Bringing it back to a really clean, balanced, easy drink was the goal and the intent and something that we could build a brand around, which is hopefully what we think we achieved in the design of the bobbin and others.”

The company does not currently have a brewery, but contracts out brewing from Brendale. Previously, the commercial contract brewed at Ballistic Beer Co.

“We don’t have a space of our own yet, a brewery, but it’s definitely a plan to get to that point,” McGuire said.

“But it allowed us to put our ideas, I guess, into formation to see if it was going to work without spending $750,000 on a brewhouse that might or might not have worked.”

When asked if this was going to be a priority going forward, McGuire said there were plans but it was not a primary focus.

“We have plans and we are currently working on a few things that could materialize as soon as possible,” he explained.

“But that hasn’t been the main goal, I guess the main goal has been to work with Amy to get her involved and no doubt that just gives us more exposure than we could probably achieve by ourselves given the competitiveness of the market at the time.”

Celebrity collab

Partnerships between brewers and the music industry have grown alongside the profile of breweries. Capital Brewing’s collaborated with British rock band Royal Bloodwhile Two Bays Brewing launched a charity beer with Ball Park Music.

Last year, Young Henrys and Rolling Stone launched a beer with brand ambassadors including Amy Shark promoting her mission to donate to various charities.

A celebrity joining a company as a co-owner will raise questions about their role within the company, as there is a risk that this could be construed as leverage only for promotion.

For Fields Brewing Co, Luke McGuire explained that Shark’s role is “authentic” rather than acting as an ambassador.

Breweries News contacted Shark, who has just completed a regional tour in Australia. His management team forwarded the survey to McGuire for comment.

“She really wants to be involved in the beer recipes and help promote them in a practical way,” McGuire said.

“She’s a true co-owner, as opposed to any sort of ambassadorial role or something.”

McGuire acknowledged market saturation and stressed the importance of differentiation.

“You know, for us, it’s a really unique space,” he said.

“There are a lot of cool ambassadors, or influencers, or high profile people in the space who are soccer players, or surfers like Mick Fanning, but to have a woman in this space and an artist also, we really think there is a point of difference there.

“Amy is really very committed and wants to help us grow, so we are very grateful for her support.

“It’s definitely not some sort of Instagram relationship, for lack of a better term, [she will] will really help us grow.

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