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New athletics fields are taking shape in the region; delays at Amity


If there are sports in the spring and next fall in Bunnell, there will be a lot more training and playing space for each outside team.

A project to renovate the team’s sports complex has resurfaced the stadium field, but the current part two will put an artificial surface on the baseball field and put a regulation multi-purpose field in the outfield.

What capacity does this add to Bulldogs teams? “Basically ten times,” athletic director Wayne Thrall said.

Fall and spring sports will use the pitch and field of the stadium. University and first year junior matches and practices will be easier to schedule.

“This will free up time in the evening for the group to practice,” Thrall said.

Across the Housatonic River in Milford, Law and Foran also have new multi-use fields underway.

Law tore up the grass field that had been limited by its baseball and softball fields. The new complex will include a softball field in the same location; a sloping baseball field with home plate a little more south than east to try and keep the late afternoon sun out of the batters’ eyes; and one new field lined for soccer, lacrosse and football.

Athletic Director VJ Sarullo said the soccer / football / lacrosse field will avoid both softball and baseball fields as well as softball dugouts, which will remain in place.

“The big problem will be that, unless it spills out when a real game is going to be played, we can play,” Sarullo said. “On a normal spring day, if it rains in the morning on a grass field, you will still have rain. Now, unless it rains, we can also practice and play.

Junior college football and lacrosse will derive most of the use of the new pitch, although college teams can play there as well if the stadium pitch is used. The project should be completed in early November.

Kelly martin tighe Field in Milford, across from French Drive from Foran’s Vito DeVito complex, also does work. It is a town field, not a school field, although the Lions soccer programs and, in the spring, baseball and lacrosse programs train there.

The Lions redesigned their softball field in the spring and planned to dedicate it to alumni Danni kemp, died at the age of 19 of an inoperable brain tumor in 2017, but the COVID-19 pandemic put an end to spring sports before they started.

East Haven Crisafi Field had a returf that was almost completed before thunderstorms on Thursday tore up the job.

Turf first replaced turf in 2008 on the pitch at Bunnell Stadium, which the school named last year in honor of former coach Bob Mastroni.

This summer’s resurfacing deposited FieldTurf and added Mastroni’s name to the terrain between a series of 20 and 30 meter lines in front of the bleachers.

“The land has been turned back. The track has been covered and relined, ”said Thrall.

“We have new goals, new security net in the end zones.

There is also new LED lighting.

If all goes as planned, the baseball and the multipurpose field is expected to be finished by mid-November, Thrall said.

A project at upgrade Amity complex got voter approval almost a year ago, and construction was due to start last month, but that construction has stopped.

“We have been informed that a group from Woodbridge is appealing the decision of the Town of Woodbridge Planning and Zoning Commission on our permits,” said athletic director Ernie Goodwin. “We have pretty much everything, and we’ll see what happens in court. “

Concrete pillars are in place for the new bleachers, but that’s about all that was done before the progress stalled. With the onset of winter, the weather could prevent further progress if the project gets a final green light. Work on the lights and a new dashboard is less dependent on weather conditions.

“We were very happy to have all of our senior nights in the new stadium,” said Goodwin. “It’s not going to happen.”

In the eastern part of the state, fatally has a new grass pitch, while Ledyard has a new track and a new grass pitch. The two schools replaced the grass fields.


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