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New evidence shows just how locked down Justin Fields is right now


Justin Fields had arguably the best game of his young career on Monday night. Facing a talented and well-trained defense in a hostile stadium, the chicago bears the quarterback had 259 total yards and two touchdowns. The offense scored 33 points and buried the New England Patriots by 19. It was a humiliation for the home team and the final indicator that Fields was moving in the right direction.

Few understand how dedicated the young quarterback has been to improving himself. People keep saying he’s a hard worker, but the evidence isn’t always there to prove it. Fortunately, ESPN cameras captured a brief clip during the broadcast. By the end of the 3rd quarter, the Bears held a 26-14 lead. You would think Fields would rest on the bench. No. He was on the training table stretching. However, that was not enough. He also made sure to have a tablet in his hands, continuing to study the defense of New England.

Little moments like this define Justin Fields.

Everything is dedicated to one goal: to become the best quarterback possible. Fields could easily get discouraged with the way the season has started. He wasn’t showing good numbers, the team was losing and he took a beating. This did not discourage him. He continued to work hard to improve. The fruits of this labor are finally coming to the fore. New England didn’t have many answers for him in this game, especially on the ground.

He still has a lot to do. He has a major fumbling problem that he still hasn’t solved. Passing yards and touchdowns are still lower than they should be. Justin Fields is not stupid. He knows it. That’s why he remains relentless in his approach. There are no excuses. The only way to improve is to work. No moment can be lost before, during or after the games. That’s what it means to be obsessed.

The fact that Chicago is getting this level of dedication from their quarterback is a welcome change.

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