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New Jackson Co. School Seeks to Acquire Sports Fields in Grand Ridge


JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – The Jackson County School District is putting everything in place as it prepares to welcome a new K-8 school to the community. The school board met with the city of Grand Ridge to discuss the updates on Tuesday.

Tuesday night’s meeting was to see if the school district could acquire a park that the city of Grand Ridge currently owns and the current school and college both use. They need sports fields for the brand new K-8 school.

The new school will be called Grand Ridge K-8. Students from Snead Elementary School and Grand Ridge School will attend the school in the future

“Both are really old and it’s time for a new state of the art for the east side of the county,” Superintendent Steve Benton said.

The school will be built where the current Grand Ridge School currently stands. The new library, gymnasium and some classrooms will remain, but the rest will leave.

“Our plans are to build the elementary side first, then after we finish tearing down the college side, then start there,” Benton said.

They are still getting the funding. They need $52 million to complete this school. and get the sports fields.

The City of Grand Ridge will work with the school board and make a decision on how to give them the park.

When the funds are received and the plans are finalized, the school can be built.

“So we hope to start in July with the new construction here,” Benton said.

They hope to have the new school built in two years.

“I’m looking forward to the east side of Sneads and Grand Ridge because they well deserve a new school, their facility is very old and it’s time for them to get a new one,” Benton said.

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