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New pickleball, tennis courts planned at Lake Geneva Tennis


Local tennis and pickleball fans may soon have additional courts to practice their favorite sport.

Representatives of Lake Geneva Tennis, 630 Veterans Parkway, plan to construct an addition to the south end of the building, which would include six indoor pickleball courts and several outdoor tennis/pickleball courts with seating area.

Paul Lauterbach, co-owner of Lake Geneva Tennis, presented the concept plans for the addition at the November 15 planning commission meeting. Lauterbach said he and other Lake Geneva Tennis representatives recently purchased a nearby property and wanted to build an addition to the facility.

The project would also include more parking spaces. Lauterbach said the location of the additional parking spaces has not been determined at this time.

“We see that we would need additional parking, probably at least 24 spaces,” he said.

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Lauterbach said he would like to add more pickleball courts to the facility due to the growing popularity of the sport.

“I’m slowly jumping on the bandwagon right now,” Lauterbach said. “It’s amazing. It’s growing.

Lauterbach said they would also be able to expand their children’s tennis program, as the pickleball courts would occupy roughly the same space used for children’s tennis.

“The pickleball courts are about the same size as the 10 and under programming. We call it ‘Red Ball’, and it’s for the little ones,” Lauterbach said. “We would like to kind of layer the pickleball courts and really expand our 10 and under programming.”

Planning commission member Michael Krajovic asked if the addition would include exterior landscaping.

“When people drive by, we don’t just want to see a building, we would like to see beautiful landscaping and trees,” Krajovic said.

Lauterbach said he plans to install landscaping outside the building.

“Especially with the outdoor courts, we really need to spruce them up because we’re asking people to pay for outdoor tennis,” Lauterbach said. “They could go to a lot of different places to play for free, so we really had to step it up.”

Lauterbach said he also plans to install lighting near the outdoor courts, but the lights would be turned on no later than 9 p.m. and would face down toward the courts.

“We obviously wouldn’t want to be an eyesore at night,” Lauterbach said. “But eight or nine in the evening would be more than enough for us to get into what we’re getting.”

Alderman Tim Dunn, who is also a member of the plan commission, said there were already several outdoor lights in this area with the Veterans Park baseball and football fields and the nearby Walmart store.

“So there’s a lot of light in that area already,” Dunn said. “So they don’t suddenly create light where there was none. This area is already quite well lit.

Lake Geneva Tennis representatives are expected to outline more detailed plans for the addition in the future.

Krajovich said he likes the plans that have been presented so far.

“It’s a big project,” Krajovich said.

Mayor Charlene Klein said she liked the idea of ​​more pickleball courts being added to the facility.

“I think that sounds good,” Klein said. “I don’t play pickleball myself, but I have a lot of friends who do.”

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