Tennis courts

New pickleball, tennis courts with lots of activity in Millersburg


The village of Millersburg says “let the games begin” because the basketball / tennis / pickleball courts at Old Airport Park are open and very busy.

Village administrator Nate Troyer said within a day of completion the courts were in use.

“The project ended Thursday and I went down Friday morning to take down the barricades and there were already two couples playing pickleball in the morning,” Troyer said at Monday’s board meeting. “They received a lot of good uses and a lot of kind compliments, as well as a few requests.”

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A separation between the two pickleball courts is something fencing awaits, but players would also like a fence separating the tennis court from the pickleball courts, and a separation between the basketball courts and the pickleball courts.

Pickleball picks up speed

The village administrator admitted that the pickle ball is much more popular than he thought.

“I think before long we will have to discuss breaking up more courts on this surface,” Troyer said. “There has already been a discussion about a tournament being held there this fall. Someone asked if we could temporarily strike out two more courts.”

City Councilor Brad Conn said he and his wife received a text about a band performing on Saturday morning, but was unavailable to perform.

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“Word is out and there is a lot of interest,” Conn said. “I’m hearing good things about it and I think it will be used well.”

Mayor Jeff Huebner agreed on the interest and the need for fencing between different courts.

“I came down and watched couples play,” Huebner said. “One thing I heard was about the possibility of enclosing the courts. The balls go side by side, and people who play tennis or basketball, if the balls escape, end up going onto the courts. of pickle ball. “

A fencing question under study

The mayor suggested finding out what it would cost to close the pickleball courts in the basketball and tennis areas.

Troyer added that the fence surrounding the entire lot on the north and south sides was in need of repair. He will therefore contact a fencing company to find out the costs.

“The east and west ends of the field are open,” Troyer said. “The bottom of the existing fence is really torn. It might not be a bad idea to lock up the whole lot. Any separation or protection is not a bad thing.”

He said indoor divider fences are around 3-4 feet tall and don’t need to be much taller for pickleball. Tennis and basketball may require higher fences.

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City Councilor Bob Shoemaker said the courts were really beautiful and added other fun things to the townspeople, and the money was well spent resurfacing the courts.

The village spent almost $ 125,000 on the Old Airport Park project.

In other matters, council approved the closure of North and South Monroe and Court streets during the Antiquities Festival on Saturday and Sunday October 9 and 10.

The next global meeting / working session will be held on October 12 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Baker Building. The discussion will focus on the historic preservation of the city center.

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