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NFL quarterback Justin Fields’ vegan diet: High in carbs and protein


  • Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields says he eats a vegan diet for better performance and better health.
  • Carbohydrate-rich foods like fruits, oats, beans, and grains help provide energy for his workouts.
  • Protein sources like vegan chicken, quinoa, and plant-based shakes are essential for muscle recovery.

NFL quarterback Justin Fields says a plant-based diet with lots of carbs and protein helps his athletic performance and muscle recovery.

The Chicago Bears athlete went vegan in May 2020 after a 28-day challenge with his family and has never looked back, Fields told Insider in an interview coordinated by the vegan protein shake company OWYN, for whom Fields is a brand ambassador.

“I think the biggest change for me is how much lighter and faster I feel all around. the reason I chose to continue a plant-based diet,” he says.

Her current routine relies on starchy carbs like beans, rice, oats, and sweet potatoes, along with protein shakes and vegan versions of her favorite foods, for all-day energy to fuel her workout.

He relies on fruit and coffee for a quick breakfast

Fields starts her day with fruit for a quick and convenient source of carbs and calories to jump-start her busy schedule.

“I keep my mornings light, not always intentionally, but because they start early and I’m usually on the go,” he said.

He also drinks coffee, which he says is the only food he cannot live without.

“I normally always have a coffee or cold brew with me,” he said.

Eating breakfast has benefits such as steadier energy and better performance throughout the day, evidence shows, although what you choose for breakfast is a personal preference, said the dietitian Bonnie Taub-Dix to Insider.

Pre-workout snacks include oats, nuts, and chia seeds

Before training, Fields loads up on carbs, protein and healthy fats. Her favorite foods include oats, plus more fruits, nuts, and chia seeds, which are packed with fiber, protein, and other nutrients.

For more energy, he will often add almond butter for more protein and monounsaturated fatswhich are linked to better heart health and reduced inflammation.

Post-workout protein shakes are essential for good muscle recovery

Post-workout, Fields said getting enough protein helps his muscles heal and build back stronger.

“Drinking high quality protein is important to me because it makes a big difference in recovery,” he said.

He said the Owyn Pro Elite Protein Shake is a favorite, with 35 grams of protein and all nine essential amino acids for maximum muscle recovery. Her fellow non-vegan athletes also enjoy the drinks.

“My teammates have been really supportive of the things that I think are best for me,” Fields said. “Some of my teammates will drink my OWYN shakes and honestly, I can’t say they’re plant-based.”

For lunch, Fields loads up on carbs from sweet potatoes, rice and beans

Fields said her midday meal often emphasizes carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, beans and sweet potatoes, along with other vegetables for nutrients.

“The key for me since I’ve been training so much is making sure I have carbs for energy, that’s where the rice, beans and starches come in,” a- he declared.

Carbs are crucial for building and maintaining muscle as well as athletic performance, sports dietitians previously told Insider.

Her high-protein dinners include vegan chicken nuggets and quinoa

To end the day, Fields said he often relies on quinoa, a rich source of plant-based protein, as well as comfort foods.

According to Fields, his old favorites like chicken nuggets and burgers are easy to swap out for plant-based versions from Beyond Meat and similar brands.

“I really don’t feel like I’m missing anything,” he said.

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