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No pickleball stoppage: 2 Darden Towe tennis courts converted for new use | Local government


Without sufficient funding for brand-new pickleball fields, Johnson and Teddy Hamilton, the club’s former president, worked to come up with the conversion proposal, which cost around $ 20,000 for paint and nets.

“Once we got the buzz and said, ‘Hey we got this proposal, we really think it could really work out’, damn it, it spread like wildfire at that point and we were able to get people to help donate, ”said Johnson. “All we needed was these ‘yeas’, these city and county approvals, and off we went. “

Albemarle supervisor Bea LaPisto-Kirtley said she and supervisor Donna Price “run over” Councilors Lloyd Snook and Michael Payne during a pickleball game at the Palooza.

LaPisto-Kirtley said she had only heard from two area residents who questioned the conversion.

“We still want tennis and hopefully we can build more tennis courts and more pickleball courts in the future, but there is certainly a growing need for pickleball,” he said. she declared.

Smith said the cricket ground, mainly used by the Charlottesville Cricket Club, in the park was created in the same way and also submitted to the Darden Towe Park committee.

“They voted that it would be a good use to follow all the community’s needs and demand and try to provide as many different opportunities as possible for the community,” she said.

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