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Offensive coordinator Luke Getsy discusses Justin Fields’ performance in preseason opener


Getsy is confident that Fields will improve in this area of ​​the game in the future.

“It’s experience,” Getsy said. “I mean, he’s 23, right? You can only get it by playing. Practice is great, but it’s not a game. That’s why it’s important that “He gets a few reps in every pre-season game, just to have that under his belt. And so I think the more he plays this year, the better that feeling he’ll get.”

“Pocket presence is not an easy thing to teach. But he’s got the tenacity and the guts to do it. When you’re evaluating quarterbacks, that’s one of the first things I look for: someone “one who has the will to stay in there. , make your throw with your feet in the ground and get a slap in the jaw. He definitely has that.”

Learning when to get rid of the ball in the NFL is an adjustment for all young quarterbacks, and it’s something the Bears work on every practice.

“Generally in college, it’s my experience, you have a bit more time to throw the ball than you do in the NFL, so your shot clock is a lot faster,” Getsy said. “You have to listen to your feet a lot more at our level. And when your feet are telling you, ‘This guy’s not open, it’s time to move on and go’, you can’t hold on. That’s is the most important thing.

“It’s just the pace, it’s the clock we train with. I think he’s starting to do a really good job with that. He had two games there. [in Monday’s practice] where he kind of, there was something, this kind of jerk he wanted to go, but then he’s like, ‘what, the pocket is great, let me relax.’ And it was cool to see him react that way.”

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