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People from 24 areas in Taiwan must get a COVID booster from April 22 | Taiwan News


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced on Monday that COVID reminders will become mandatory for people in 24 different areas from April 22.

At a press conference on Friday, April 15, CECC chief Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) announced a record 1,209 local COVID cases for that day. In view of the rapid increase in COVID cases, Chen said it will be mandatory for people in the first, second, third and seventh priority groups, people in correctional facilities, funeral directors and hospital staff. 24 areas to receive their third COVID vaccine. dose from April 22.

Chen added that people who frequently come into contact with unfamiliar people or who cannot maintain social distance from large groups of people and who have been assessed as having a higher risk of transmission should also receive the reminder. Chen said examples of such people include religious pilgrims, people who participate in religious ceremonies, and travel agency employees, as they may share the same quarters, take the same tour bus, and eat together.

He pointed out that workers in the adult entertainment industry have been required to have three doses since April 1. As for people who go to gyms, he strongly recommended that they take their third injection and wear a mask as much as possible.

According to the CECC, individuals in the first, second, third and seventh priority groups include medical personnel, central and local government epidemiological personnel, high-risk frontline personnel and those who “maintain national security and the normal functioning of society.

The 24 categories of places where a recall will be required are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Education, Department of Economic Affairs, Department of Labor and Department of Health and Welfare, including school campuses, community colleges, cram schools, wedding venues, movie theaters, daycare centers and massage clinics.

According to CECC statistics, 50,693,438 doses of COVID have been administered. Regarding the vaccination coverage rates, 83.99% of the population received the first dose, 79.17% received the second dose and 53.85% received the booster.

The 24 sites include the following:

K-12 Schools
After-school daycares for children
Community colleges
Short term cram schools
Senior Learning Centers
Sporting venues for competition and leisure
swimming pools
Performing arts teams in high school and below
Video broadcast locations
Video game rooms
K Book Centers
Audiovisual singing venues
Board game and Mahjong rooms
Conference and exhibition venues
Adult entertainment industries
Large-scale banquet and wedding halls
Beauty salons
Vocational training places
Health, Well-being, Diversity, Prevention, Community activities
Health and welfare facilities (community type)
Dementia Community Service Bases
Parent-Child Centers (Resource Center for crèches)
Massage clinics

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