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Pickelball players take the game to the Pinon Park tennis courts


Local pickelball players are temporarily suspending play Monday night to pose for a photo. Matches are from 7-9 p.m. Mondays and Tuesdays at the Pinon Park tennis courts in White Rock. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

By Kristen Laskey
Los Alamos Daily Message

The local pickleball scene is growing and the community is invited to get in on the action.

Los Alamos Pickleball uses the Pinon Park tennis courts in White Rock. From 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays, pickleball players gather on the three tennis courts, which provide space for six pickleball courts, to play. Pickleball Ambassador Lem O’Neal said up to 30 people can play.

He added that the 7 p.m. recess was chosen to accommodate more than just retirees.

There is no cost to play but people must register by going to

Players are divided into groups and play in a round robin structure. O’Neal said everyone of all abilities is welcome.

O’Neal praised the Los Alamos Tennis Groups and Los Alamos County for working with the pickleball group and sharing facilities with them. He explained that the tennis courts at Pinion Park are the only option for playing pickleball at night as they are floodlit. The only other courts with outdoor lighting are at Urban Park, but O’Neal said pickleball players prefer not to use them because competitive tennis is played there.

He added that the hope is to continue to offer this sport in the community.

“We will continue to do so as long as there is interest,” O’Neal said.

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