Tennis courts

Pickleball and tennis courts will be installed in the Fontainebleau district

Exciting news for tennis and pickleball players.

Courts will be extended to Ward 8, with a few different locations being discussed.

Windsor City Council approved the expansion at the August 8 meeting as active adult programs are the fastest growing area of ​​recreation, with increased demands for park use for programs such as pickleball and tennis.

Ward 8 Councilor Gary Kaschak says this is great news for the area.

He says active seniors have become very fond of tennis and pickleball.

“It’s really kind of taken, it seems to be the sport, pickleball in particular, sort of with the 40s to 50s and up. And they go to Forest Glade, and different places in town here, so we would definitely like to spread it out a bit more.”

He says there are two styles of sports courts that could be created, either a single tennis court with three pickleball courts or twin tennis courts with overlapping pickleball lines.

“We could do tennis courts and then convert pickle courts within them. So we’re expecting a bit more, I think there will also be public consultation on what they want to see. Do they want to see jurisdictions separate or mixed?

He specifies that from now on, the courts should go to the Fontainebleau district at Parc Rivard, where many amenities have been installed in recent years.

“They added a bit more of a football pitch, a basketball court and a new playground. And then I was able to convince the council to put up a paddling pool sooner rather than later here, and that opened up in the spring and has constant use this summer, it has been used very well.”

Kaschak says he hopes construction will be on the courts this year, but if not, they will be installed in 2023.

A public consultation will take place to see how residents would prefer the lands to be developed.

-with files from Rob Hindi of the AM800

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