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Prospector Del Norte | Del Norte adds new playing field to Athletic Fields


DEL NORTE — A group of volunteers came out, rain or shine, last week in Del Norte and, through their combined efforts and hard work, completed the construction of a new game in the Del Norte Athletic Fields.

Although bad weather throughout the latter part of the week created excellent mud and not-so-perfect working conditions, it did not slow the progress of the volunteers who had set out to complete the project by the end of the weekend.

According to a statement from project volunteer Karie Lichtenfeld, there were so many people to thank, and the whole project showed just how much Del Norte wants to see athletic fields thrive in the community.

Lichtenfeld wrote: “We have a new playground Del Norte! He will be ready to play officially on Wednesday, the concrete must be in place before playing. When the fence falls, it’s ready!

“What a team we had! Rio Grande County and Gene Glover for helping to achieve this goal. Gene was there mixing concrete, moving dirt and wood chips with his sweet wife Sue. Seeing County Land come to life is so awesome!

“The town of Del Norte and the band were amazing! They worked so hard to prepare the space to install our playground. They also provided tools and machinery. We had work from Del Norte, city staff, and city board members shoveling, building, and more. It was a big group it wouldn’t have been done in time without them.

“A big thank you to the High Valley Community Center for bringing the food. It was amazing every day!! They gave us fuel to get through our day. They also volunteered to help with all the tasks needed to make this playground complete. What a great group of people! Adrienne Atencio and Adam thank you!!

“Del Norte Bank was a fun group! They showed up and spent hours moving mulch and helping with anything and everything. Stacy was serious about her Mulch cast, and it shows! Del Norte Rotary were hard working people who were ready to help! They also brought coolers to keep our drinks cool. What a terrific group!

“Ladies and gentlemen Del Norte Headstart worked hard putting together the playground equipment and moving the mulch, what a fun group! D Mountain Park and Recreation, Patti and I really enjoyed being a part of this project!

“Del Norte Police Department, thank you for your help!” The Colorado Health Foundation sent people here from Denver on Wednesday and Thursday. It was great to meet new people and they were very helpful! Alice and Kale Civic Canopy. Ladies who work hard! We appreciated their help so much!

“Our project manager Bicky was amazing, she showed up at 7am every morning and was the last to leave. She was energetic kept our spirits up! The community volunteers were the highlight of my week. Seeing these people come together to our community and work so hard!! I’m grateful to be part of this special group of people. They brought concrete machines, tools and their awesome personalities!!

“Special thanks to Mr. Lloyd Wright, this man is one of the hardest working people I have ever met! Thanks to everyone who made this project fun!

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