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Qatar injects 1 million euros to restore children’s football pitches in Germany – Doha News


The Gulf nation’s latest contribution will help more than five clubs return to the field after ten months of waiting.

Qatar has donated €1 million through the Qatar Fund for Development to rebuild eight children’s football pitches in Germany.

The latest contribution comes after sports infrastructure in the German state of the Rhineland was destroyed by heavy flooding last year, leaving little or no land for children in the region to enjoy the sport.

The huge donation aims to highlight the importance of sport in the world and to encourage children to develop a healthy and active lifestyle.

Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al-Thani, Ambassador of Qatar to the Federal Republic of Germany, laid the foundation stone for the stadiums. During the ceremony, the official revealed that he took the initiative to reach out to stakeholders in the state immediately after the tragic flood to find out how Qatar could help the people of the country.

In a statement to ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine’ newspaper and German broadcaster Sport1, Rhineland Football Association President Walter Desch confirmed that the Gulf nation’s initiative has helped the Federation take a big step towards the restoration of sporting life in the region.

Thanks to the donation, the clubs were finally able to pursue their mission of serving the younger generation.

Foundation Board Member Norbert Fayzy also said that Qatar’s generous contribution will enable the entity to provide immediate and direct aid to the sports sector, ensuring that children and young people continue to play soccer.

More than 200 people died following flooding in the mountainous Eifel region of western Germany and eastern Belgium last July.

More than 130 people died in the Ahr Valley, about 32 kilometers south of Bonn.

When Belgium’s Vesdre Valley flooded, another 38 people perished, sparking disputes over the management of the dam and even an investigation into the possibility of manslaughter charges stemming from officials’ alleged failure to respond. alarms sent by the EU flood warning system.

Reaction in Germany

A number of German media have welcomed Qatar’s gesture, pointing out that the donation will allow children in the region to return to football pitches after the dramatic floods.

They also said that the children’s dreams of playing football on professional grounds will come true thanks to Qatar’s contribution to the Rhineland Federation and the Foundation (Fuball hilft).

The Rheinland Zeitung daily also reported that more than five clubs that have been unable to return to the pitch for the past ten months due to collapsing stadiums will now be able to resume training soon.

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