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Refurbished Tennis Courts at Lawton’s Greer Park | News


Lawton’s tennis courts are getting a makeover.

On Thursday, the City of Lawton held a rededication and dedication ceremony at Greer Park, Northwest 38th Street and Meadowbrook, where the tennis courts were recently remodeled. In addition, the city added LED lighting systems, a padlock gate, new water fountains and new benches for spectators. The park has also been freshly painted, new signs have been added and the landscaping has been redone.

The $320,000 project was approved by city council in January and was funded through the 2015 capital improvements program.

“We have some really good young people playing tennis here in Lawton, and a healthy community values ​​their youth. It’s really important for our young people to have these opportunities,” said Ward 1 Councilwoman Mary Ann Hankins. The tennis courts are located in Ward 1.

“We are very happy to have facilities that people can use day and night, as well as many tournaments,” said Jeff Temple, director of parks and recreation. “Our goal has always been to get people out, especially after the COVID pandemic and the boom in outdoor activities.”

City council members and other city officials discussed the renovations during the ceremony.

“It makes me so happy that we actually have something we can get people into and enjoy,” said Ross Hankins, chairman of the Lawton Parks and Recreation Commission.

Temple reiterated how important tennis court refinement is to the community, adding the rapid growth in popularity within the city.

“For the city, we believe, based on our numbers, that tennis is one of the most popular sports to play. It’s easy to learn, family friendly, inexpensive and very inclusive for all ages. “, did he declare.

It’s not just about fixing a tennis court, said Tiffany Martinez Vrska, director of community relations for the town of Lawton. It’s a push for more outdoor activities. It’s to give Lawton more recreational options, she said.

“I think this facility can be a real Lawton gem. As long as we can maintain maintenance, which we can do now thanks to city management, city council and CIP funding, we are in very good shape and I think the future looks very bright. for Lawton,” Vrska said,

Others at the ceremony included City Manager Michael Cleghorn and Ward 5 Councilor Allan Hampton.

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