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Resurfacing in progress on the Gering tennis courts | New


Several dozen workers have been hard at work resurfacing the Gering High School tennis courts since late May.


Construction continues at Gering High School as resurfacing work on the school’s new tennis courts nears completion.

The project is a cooperative effort of the City of Gering, Gering Public Schools and the Gering Schools Foundation. The demolition process began at the end of May and the final product is in preparation.

“As long as everything continues to cooperate in terms of weather, equipment and schedules, we are looking at September so we can use it,” said Jennifer Sibal, director of community engagement at Gering Public Schools.

The old high school courts were over 20 years old. Sibal said the biggest change between the old and new will be the post-tension concrete in the new courts.

“In fact, it (will) weather much better than our old pitches because it will grow and expand over time,” she said.

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Progress underway on the Gering tennis courts

Construction workers aim to complete the tennis courts at Gering High School by September. As long as the weather aligns, the job should be done on time.


Since the school’s tennis teams began training in early August, the district has been scrambling to find a temporary transition location until the new courts are ready.

Once the current phase of construction is complete, the courts will need to be left alone for a month while the concrete hardens. The courts will be painted once the concrete has finished curing.

Sibal said district officials hope to hold a groundbreaking ceremony in the fall.

“We’re excited to see the progress,” she said. “They are starting to look like tennis courts again. We’ve had a lot of feedback that people are excited.

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