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Ruling on Isle of Wight Smallbrook Ice Rink and Tennis Courts


PLANS for tennis courts at Smallbrook – in place of an ice rink – have been rejected by Isle of Wight Council.

With the aim of building something on the site of the Smallbrook Ice and Leisure Center (SILC) – next to the Island Speedway stadium – tennis courts and shelters were proposed, as the first phase of development.

In the Isle of Wight Council applications, there was no mention of the much-anticipated ice rink, which was one of the main reasons the development was given the green light.

Planning permission for the main facility was granted in December 2019 after the council’s planning committee was persuaded to go against officers’ recommendations to turn down the project.

The indoor sports center has been approved to have an ice rink, multipurpose courts, a climbing wall, a trampoline area and tennis courts.

The approved development of the Smallbrook Ice and Leisure Centre.

Today, the site’s latest app cast doubt on the future of the rink.

SILC had been reluctant to confirm whether or not the rink will go ahead, saying instead that drainage restrictions pose problems for the potential continued removal of ice.

Isle of Wight County Press: Plans for a tennis court.  Photo by Duncan Gayler.Plans for a tennis court. Photo by Duncan Gayler.

An initial condition of permission to build the leisure center and ice rink was that no development could take place until a drainage and sewage disposal system had been approved and installed.

The spokesman said they hoped to get a sewage treatment plant but their application was not accepted, so they were “at least trying” to change the conditions of the application to build tennis and multicourts.

Isle of Wight County Press: The two schemes - the proposed tennis courts, left, and the approved car park, right.  Photos by Duncan Gayler and ermc.The two diagrams — the proposed tennis courts, on the left, and the approved parking lot, on the right. Photos by Duncan Gayler and ermc.

Now Isle of Wight Council have turned down the latest application for the site – despite the materials being on site – because what was offered through the condition variation would not be in keeping with the design and building scale approved in the initial consent. .

Isle of Wight County Press: material available on site.Materials on site.

He said what was on offer could not be addressed through this specific type of planning request.

The app also lacked parking information.

Ryde City Council had commented on the bid saying it was ‘so far removed from the original bid’ that a new bid would have to be submitted but could ‘open the floodgates’ for other revised proposals on the site .

Talking about the other facilities offered at the center, the SILC spokesperson said that they have not made any decisions for the other sports facilities, such as the climbing wall.

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