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Signs Justin Fields Won Against Bears Attack


Justin Fields could be a 1st round pick. He could be the anointed starter in 2022. Still, the truth is, these things don’t mean he’s the true leader of the Chicago Bears offense. Such things are earned, not given. One of his main complaints last season was that he never knew where he stood. The confusing hierarchy at quarterback made it difficult to know if he was meant to take on a leadership role or if he should give in to Andy Dalton. That confusion showed up in the Bears locker room. The players did not know who to follow.

So entering this year, Fields knew he had a lot of work to do. It wasn’t just about learning his trade as a quarterback. He had to convince his teammates. He needed to make them believe that he could bring them success. If they followed his example, everyone would benefit. Fields set the tone with a relentless work ethic, spending so many overtime hours at Halas Hall working and studying film. He had executed countless passing patterns with his receivers. He took the guys aside whenever mistakes were made to discuss how to fix them.

As a result, progress continues. This is noticeable every time they take the field.

Justin Fields is smiling, which says a lot.

This featured image is from the Bears’ final training camp practice. Fields isn’t known for showing such emotions too often. This strongly indicates where his head is with less than three weeks left in the regular season. He is calm, confident and much more comfortable than last year. Teammates also feel this vibe. It means a lot when Cody Whitehair gives you a big hug during training.

Guys like Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet echoed those sentiments. They think Justin Fields will silence a lot of doubters in 2022. The new offense under Luke Getsy fits him like a glove. If he gets even medium protection this season, he feels like he’s set for a big second year. That’s how much he’s improved over the past month.

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