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South Orange closes library, grounds, tennis courts and public works following storm

From South Orange Village President Sheena Collum:

Orange’s neighbors to the south:

Although there is significant property damage throughout the city, please be aware that we did not suffer any serious injuries to our staff or the public and I am very grateful to you.

The call volume (emergency and non-emergency dispatch) was unlike anything I had ever seen before, but our first responders / dispatchers / employees / public works staff (etc.) all did a really good job. amazing and for them we owe a huge amount of thanks. Many of our neighbors needed help last night including many water rescues which were terrifying but handled with care and professionalism.

Courtesy of Sheena Collum.

Then, I am incredibly sorry for everyone who suffered property damage. I see your posts and photos and besides a pandemic, I know the added stress this storm has caused so many families. Try to breathe deeply and not overwhelm yourself with negative thoughts. Items can be replaced and insurance claims processed, but the important thing is that our loved ones are safe.

The village is currently undergoing a full damage assessment and it will certainly take some time, so please be patient. We have facilities completely down (Public Works) and a variety of public spaces and roads will be tackled in the coming weeks.

For the moment:

?? Our municipal offices are open

?? The public works yard is closed until further notice.

?? The library is closed today and will reopen tomorrow.

?? The swimming pool is closed for the rest of the season.

?? The tennis courts are closed until further notice.

?? Meadowlands 3 and 4 Baseball Fields and Cameron Field are closed until further notice.

?? Be careful when moving around town and avoid the areas of Mead Street, Ward Place and Montrose Avenue.

?? DPW will start picking up storm debris, including branches / twigs / etc next TUESDAY. that are less than 4 inches in diameter.

??We currently have around 900 homes without electricity and there is no PSEG restoration time. We have been advised that circuit 4007 is down and located underground and is labor intensive and spans 26 locations. Please continue to report outages to 1-800-436-PSEG. If you have electricity, consider offering help to your neighbors without electricity.

Take care of yourself and others and stay tuned for more updates.

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