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Spithill presents the most comprehensive roster yet ahead of the SailGP Season 3 opener • Live Sail Die

HAMILTON, BERMUDA, May 12, 2022 – Jimmy Spithill doubles down after the United States SailGP team narrowly missed out on the Season 2 Championship crown last March, and brings fresh ammunition for the Season 3 opener, the Bermuda Sailing Grand Prix presented by Princess Hamilton.

“When Roma [Kirby] injured his shoulder in a practice dive before the grand final in San Francisco, that was a major red flag for me,” Spithill said. “I was thinking, ‘Oh wow, if Rome are out of action, then we’re in big trouble.’ We didn’t have the depth of the roster to trade someone who has experience in the flight controller role.

Enter two new additions to the team’s Bermuda roster: US sailing team members Hans Henken (Coronado, Calif.) as flight controller, and Luke Muller (Fort Pierce, Fla.), as grinder. Both come in with big Team USA Sailing resumes, with Henken having competed in SailGP in 2019 and Muller having recently raced in the Finn class in Tokyo.

“With the extra training days here in Bermuda, it’s crucial that we invest time in training and adding talent to our roster,” Spithill said. “We have to approach this like any other professional sports team that operates in a high impact sport. Both athletes have integrated very well into the team, you can see why they have been successful in the outdoor races; they have a great team attitude and great work ethic, and it’s impressive how quickly they’ve picked it up.

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