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Start of the 6th national tennis Hassan Tariq Rahim on the Gymkhana tennis courts


The 6th National Ranking Tennis Tournament Hassan Tariq Rahim is already in action on the tennis courts of Lahore Gymkhana. The qualifying matches are already underway and stretch over three days, and then the main draw matches start from November 29.

This was highlighted by Tournament Director Waqar Nisar at a press conference attended by Tennis organizer Wajid Aziz and Furqan Khan. It was further highlighted that the tennis champions of merit will all converge on the famous tennis arena of the historic Gymkhana Club to engage in vibrant and combative encounters that will be captivating, moving and at times cutting edge in terms of art. and tennis expertise.

This championship is an opportunity to remember and commemorate Hassan Tariq Rahim who lost his life due to an indisposition caused by a tumor at an age when life promised him enormous effervescence. A man of talent and resources, Hassan Tariq was full of charm and enthusiasm and his tennis player friends and Gymkhana colleagues admired him for his vitality and the radiance of his eyes, his courtesy, his social conscience, his civility. and his benevolence. Although six years have passed since his disappearance, his father Khawaja Tariq Rahim, an accomplished jurist and central figure of the tennis courts, as well as his tennis comrades, can feel his spiritual presence around the tennis courts.

The Hassan Tariq Rahim tennis event has all the makings of a great tennis show. The encounters are expected to be fierce, intense and lively with top players performing in a notable obsession to take down opponents with force. Ingenious and masterful champions of the national tennis scene strive to display powerful serves backed by engaging exchanges, spirited movement and insightful playing strategy.

In men’s matches, the most powerful are the one and only Aqeel Khan, the able Mudassar Murtuza, the adept M Abid and the robust M Shoaib. The most notable of the ladies section are skillful and able like Sarah Mahboob Khan, Ushna Sohail, Esha Jawad, Noor Malik and Mehak Khokha.

Interestingly, the prize money for men and women is equal. Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, the very laudable, laudable and illustrious of the tennis world, will adorn and enrich this Hassan Tariq Rahim Tennis Tournament with his participation in the men’s doubles event.

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