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Super Bowl champ cheers on Bears QB Justin Fields

Week 3 of the preseason saw the Chicago Bears’ starting offense led by Justin Fields put in a huge effort en route to a 21-20 victory. The game was not as close as the final score would indicate as Fields was masterful while connecting on three pass scores to three different receivers.

That answered one of our biggest questions heading into the game, whether or not the sophomore setter was really ready.

We hadn’t seen much at the time – Saturday’s line was getting their first touchdowns of the preseason.

But most were just waiting to see it, not wondering if Fields was capable of doing it or not. Others, like the former Bears offensive coordinator mike martz Where ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, were less bullish on the quarterback. Now, the latter catches the grief.

Super Bowl champion Andrew Whitworth applauds Bears quarterback Justin Fields

Twitter is coming for Dan Orlovsky

Orlovsky took to Twitter after the Bears finished an undefeated preseason. His goal was to show how much he loved seeing Fields perform at a high level in both his decision-making and his execution.

The play in question was Fields’ tight end 24-yard score Cole Kmet which was wide open in the end zone.

While the breakdown was very complimentary of Fields and his progress as an offensive coordinator Luc Getsy, the Internet never forgets. Orlovsky’s video was preceded by a resounding “is that you?” of Bear Fans on Twitter as some have questioned his credentials.

He tried to defend himself by saying he “never said Fields was anything close to evil.”

But it was for nothing as Walter Payton Man of the Year 2021 and Super Bowl-winning offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth also stepped in to remind Orlovsky how we got here.

The former Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has yet to respond directly.

Orlovsky’s story with the fields

Orlovsky was one of the most vocal figures in his criticism. He is often presented in the context of those around him not being talented enough to help Fields succeed. He is infamous put the fields in “Level 9” in terms of sophomore passers set up to succeed. It was seven places below his other options in the tweet he sent.

Orlovsky was perhaps justified in doubting the talent around Fields at a time when most were even if he went a step further in voicing his concerns.

But his pre-draft assault on Fields’ work ethic puts everything in a different light. Orlovsky cited a conversation he allegedly had with Fields’ head coach at Ohio State, Ryan Day, casting criticism on the quarterback’s habits.

He tried to clarify this, but ended up saying he shared other people’s opinions.

Orlovsky also said he regretted not having more clarity in his remarks and that he contacted Day and Fields. after taking heat.

Bears QB Justin Fields praised

Fields received praise from day one for his work ethic. Even in the tumult of his rookie season under Matt Nagy, the problem was that the coach didn’t give the player the chance until it was too late. The new regime has been extremely eloquent for the way it has handled everything.

His teammates have spoken about how they can see the difference in Fields’ confidence and his command of the attack.

His work ethic – arriving early, staying after to work on flaws and meeting with his teammates outside of training – was a talking point in a positive light throughout training camp.

It can be difficult for national media to follow local details like these.

But, if you’re going to take such a tough stance on a player – publicly and loudly – ​​you have to be prepared for the potential backlash when their views change so drastically.

This is Orlovsky’s prerogative especially as he gets new information. But some of this information has been released. And the things he chose to run with won’t be so easily forgotten. Not simply because he has now changed his tone.

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