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Tariq Castro-Fields on a big start for high school, Kalen King, more


Pennsylvania State Corner Tariq Castro-Fields has had a great start to the 2021 season, as have his high school teammates, after a tough 2020 slate.

The veteran Maryland defenseman returned for another season with exactly that kind of individual and collective performance in mind. After five weeks, the Penn State starters are yet to hand out a touchdown pass and lead the Big Ten in average yards allowed per completion at 5.4.

“I think I played well,” said Castro-Fields. “I’m just trying to always be consistent, as I say a lot, and bring the rest of the corners and keep coaching the guys and being a leader on this defense. I’ve been happy and I’m fair. happy I am able to keep playing, keep improving and improving my game. “

Castro-Fields spoke for about 15 minutes with reporters this week before the game against Iowa. Highlights from this conversation about BWI’s Q&A at Penn State this week.

Penn State corner Tariq Castro-Fields has been exceptionally for the Nittany Lions this year across five games. AP photo

Question: How important is the defense against the game action in front of Iowa?

Tariq Castro-Champs: “If I have a pass responsibility. I defend the pass. If my job is to adapt the run, then my job is to be physical and go and make a tackle and adapt the run in the edges and the edges. things like that. Hust knowing your responsibility, knowing your role in defense, and not being Superman, that’s about it. “

Q: What did you see of Daequan Hardy?

TCF: “He’s definitely grown a lot in his three years here. He’s definitely a more mature player in terms of film studies, in terms of defense knowledge, in terms of training habits, which is what he is. has helped a lot this year. He has a tough job covering slots receivers, and that’s kind of his number one job in his role, so he’s definitely on the rise right now. improve. “

Q: How proud are you to force so many turnovers this year?

TCF: “Turnovers are definitely something we’re proud of in the whole defense, but especially in the DB room, just getting our hands on the ball, deflections, SEBs, interceptions and things like I’m just trying to wreak havoc there, and then of course when you go into a big game and create turnovers that turn the momentum around, that sets our offense perfectly with the position on the pitch. and help you in the battle for position on the pitch and little things like that. My goal is always just to get three or more turnovers per game, and that will be important for us, especially on Saturday.

Q: When you said that no one is trying to be Superman, what does it mean and why is it important?

TCF: “He’s not someone trying to do someone else’s job. We have great players all around, in high school, linebacker level, d-line level so no man does. has to carry the load. There are 11 players on the pitch for Football is one of the greatest team sports where, for example, I rely on everyone to do their jobs, they rely on me to do my job, so when you kind of have that cohesion and that chemistry of everyone who just wants to do their jobs, then success will always come with it. “

Q: What did you see of the Iowa transient attack?

TCF: “I think they did a good job passing the ball to their outside playmakers to the tight ends, the running back even comes out of the backfield and runs through roads and things like that. make plays after capture like well, so we have to get them to the ground, limit that, and of course, as you all know, their play action shots and play action passes that come out of their way. course work great, so we’re definitely focused on that and trying to watch a movie about it and find out more about it.

Q: What did you see of Joey Porter Jr.?

TCF: “Joey is just playing. He’s a special talent. He has 35 inch arms, which I don’t have, so he can kind of do things where, if he beats a little, he stretches his arms out and does the play, and i think he’s just smarter this year to know how to play in the zone, improve in his press technique, he starts, press plays, like things i don’t Haven’t seen too much last year when I wasn’t playing, but this year he’s kind of implemented it into his game, and he continues to improve, of course, like the rest of us. “

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Q: What are your thoughts on King Kalen?

TCF: “Kalen is actually a guy who, Coach [Teryry Smith] decided to give me a mentee this year [Castro-Fields also mentored Joey Porter Jr.]. I mean, it seems like every guy I get, they turned out to be stars, which I love when I do that just because I’m able to help someone and raise them. I think Kalen did a good job. He’s always trying to learn to balance the school part with the football part, and just the pressure and the little things that come with college. People don’t realize how busy your schedule is with school and mixing it up with football. He’s doing well and he just wants to keep improving. “


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