Tennis courts

Tennis courts and other places to meet a tennis lover in Australia


Tennis is definitely one of the most glamorous sports, synonymous with the jet-set lifestyle enjoyed by top players and their lean, athletic physiques. Have you always longed to connect with someone who excels at serving aces and delivering accurate backhand returns? Maybe you’ve wondered where the best places would be to track down someone who fits the bill. Allow us to fill you in on the most recommended places to meet a tennis lover.

Meet a tennis fan on a dating site

The point of sale that should be at the top of your list must be connected to the digital environment. More and more dating sites are being launched, aimed at people looking for niche interests (like the desire to hook up with a sports single), leaving the only question is which of them would be the best. Your first stop should be an Australian review site that will analyze a sample of these online services for you. Here you will come across expert opinions on a variety of tennis dating topics. You might come across a review stating that these hookup sites in Australia are better because of their ease of navigation and simple signup process. Once you have assessed which of these reviews seem to indicate a worthwhile Aussie service to mine, you can begin your quest to track down a tennis single. The discreet communication channels operated by these websites are conducive to honest and open conversation. You will soon break the ice with regular message exchanges.

Meet him on the courts

If you are sincerely hoping to meet a lover who is also proficient in tennis, then another obvious place to head is your local tennis club. First, reserve land with a friend, preferably a reasonably qualified one. Organize a few matches now, keeping an eye out for other single tennis players. Accidentally hit your ball on the pitch they’re playing on and head over to pick it up, full of excuses for infringing on their game. This will give you a chance to introduce yourself. Why not offer a doubles game next week? Once this has progressed, arrange to continue the socialization program by going out for refreshments afterwards. In a more relaxed setting, you might start to let go!

Visit a fan club

All major tennis stars have dedicated fan clubs, and these usually provide opportunities for players to mingle with their supporters. Keep an eye on the future schedule and try to arrive and arrange an appointment. You can always try the age-old tradition of making your way to the front of the queue and asking for an autograph. Again, this will allow you to engage in small talk. At this point, you can go all out when it comes to flirting. You can do preliminary research through the tennis player’s website or generic online sources. Find out something about their background: favorite food, countries for tournaments, and designer brands they prefer to wear (many top tennis players are endorsed by particular sports brands. This information can be stored and used as ammunition to suggest topics for discussion that will generate chemistry Tennis players will be used to socializing with any number of members of their vast fanbases, so this is where you can seize the moment and make sure you stand out a crowd.

Beeline for the Australian Open

The optimal window to search for a tennis fan in Oz must be January. This is when the country hosts the Australian Open, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and the first of four “Grand Slam” events, followed by the French Open, Wimbledon, then the US Open. Players, officials, experts and tennis fans will gravitate to Melbourne, and that’s where you should also set your sights. There is always a wonderful buzz surrounding this event as tennis becomes the number one topic on everyone’s mind. Hovering around the key location – Melbourne Park – at one of the popular outlets will allow you to rub shoulders with players of all skill levels. Start a flirtatious conversation and share your knowledge about the past and present of the Australian Open. You don’t need to have extensive knowledge. Just make sure you do enough research on the subject to pass yourself off as an expert!

It doesn’t matter what level of tennis appreciation applies to you. You may have only had a passing interest, but want to know more. In this case, you should go online and familiarize yourself with the key competitions and star players. The more information you can glean, the better placed you will be to enter into a meaningful relationship with an Australian tennis fan.

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