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Tennis courts may cost West Hartford taxpayers more


WEST HARTFORD, CT — Plans to build new tennis courts at West Hartford high schools are proving more expensive than expected.

As a result, the city is asking the public for their input on a plan to spend more money on the project, with West Hartford City Council scheduled a public hearing on the matter earlier this month.

The unanimous 9-0 vote to schedule the hearing took place on August 16, and the hearing itself will take place on Tuesday, September 13 at 6:15 p.m. at West Hartford City Hall.

At issue is a city proposal to borrow $495,000 to be added to West Hartford’s capital improvement fund to help build 12 new tennis courts at both Hall High School and Conard High School.

If approved, the funds will be in addition to a $3 million State Bond Commission appropriation approved March 31 for the project.

Hall High School is at 975 N. Main St. and Conard High School is at 10 Beechwood Road.

The project will include new courts, lighting, fencing, netting, landscaping and other amenities.

In June, council voted unanimously to authorize City Manager Rick Ledwith to formally accept the $3 million and sign all necessary documents to complete the project.

Earlier this year, West Hartford officials hoped the $3 million would sufficiently cover the cost of the tennis courts.

But, according to a city memo presented to council earlier this month, bids were solicited and only one bid was received for the work.

And, city officials said, that offer alone was far greater than what the bond commission had approved earlier this year.

As a result, the city elected to create an ordinance authorizing the additional $495,000 in tennis court spending, an ordinance that will be discussed by the public on September 13 and, likely, voted on by council that evening.

The hope is that the tennis courts will be finished by the spring of 2023 when the high school tennis season begins and city officials hope the entire project can still be done by October.

For more information on the tennis court project, click this link and scroll down to page 1325.

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