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Construction began April 20 at the Lafayette Tennis Courts. The Lafayette tennis courts have been scheduled for renovations for about five years, since a 2017 bond issue was put in place to have a court renovation schedule for Rockwood’s four high schools. Lafayette is the last high school in the district whose courts have been renovated.

Rockwood facilities manager Chris Freund said the Lafayette courts need updating, even though they are in good condition compared to other tennis courts in the district.

“Lafayette’s courts were the best of any high school, but their courts were still 30 years old, so the renovation was still necessary,” Freund said.

Carried out by Byrne & Jones Construction, this project will cost the district approximately $1.4 million. It will focus specifically on the demolition of the courts and the construction of new court surfaces, drainage systems and the construction of a new fence. Renovations will take place in the spring and summer and the contract is scheduled to end on July 31, 2022.

Because the spring build takes place during the boys’ tennis season, they had to miss some practices. Instead, practices included various physical activities around Lafayette such as running and ultimate Frisbee.

Sophomore Kailey Politte, who is on the varsity women’s tennis team, agrees she’s excited about the new courts.

“There will be no more cracks on the courts, no more flying balls everywhere, no more seating, no more leaves on the pitch,” Politte said.

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