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The Baseline Tennis group uses the tennis courts


A late night board meeting item about whether or not to allow the Baseline Tennis group to book time on a pair of Grass Valley tennis courts, didn’t stop people from showing up for talk about the issue.

“As soon as this was posted, my email and phone turned on,” Grass Valley City analyst Zac Quentmeyer told the council.

“Some long-time users have said there’s really no need to try to fix the system, it’s not broken. Historically, players find other players to play with just by shuffling. A another concern is that the tennis club was trying to build on the success of what the pickleball club did,” Quentmeyer said.

Greg Partridge, representing Baseline Tennis Group was on hand to speak.

“Part of the tipping point, when you get to 20-25 people looking for people to play with. So rather than just sitting on the court or hitting the ball against the wall, they are welcome. Whatever their level, they are welcome, they are coached,” Partridge said.

“Part of the challenge is that when we get to that level of open play for everyone to participate, you have to find land.

“We ask for 2% of the available time, just to start.

“There has been a lot of misinformation spread by the people who signed the petition. We’d like it to be a public club that caters to people who can’t afford places like that,” Partridge said in reference to local private clubs.

“We are diverse, we are old, we are young, we are working, we are retired, we represent a cross section of the community and that is why we are here.”

Many at the meeting spoke out against the tennis group.

“The way they play tennis shuts out the majority of the tennis community because we don’t want to play tennis like that. Their drop style of tennis doesn’t work for people of different levels,” Brenda Azevedo said.

“If they want to play like that, that’s fine, but they have to wait for a pitch like all of us.”

“The group needs to show that it grows the sport in the same way as other groups,” Grass Valley Mayor Ben Aguilar said during the council discussion.

Ultimately, the decision passed by a vote of 3-1-1, to allow Baseline Tennis to reserve two tennis courts at Devere Mautino Park off Alta Street during off-peak hours for a trial run. a year.

Mayor Aguilar, Councilman Bob Branstrom and Councilman Hillary Hodge voted yes, while Councilman Ivy abstained and Councilman Jan Arbuckle voted no.

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