Tennis courts

The Bronllys Hospital tennis courts will be used to expand the car park


Plans to permanently convert a tennis court at a Powys hospital into a car park have been filed with the county council.

The Powys Teaching Health Board used the tennis court as a temporary parking lot to help with Covid-19 testing and vaccination efforts.

The site is a 420 square meter rectangular plot of land which, as part of the larger Bronllys Hospital,

Agent Gwen Thomas of Asbri Planning Ltd explained the proposal in a planning statement.

Ms Thomas said: “It is proposed to regularize the use of the former tennis court as a 25-space car park.

“The change in use was previously made in response to the coronavirus pandemic, with the hospital being used as a testing center and the number of staff and visitors to the site had increased accordingly.


“Additional parking spaces were needed to ensure the efficient operation of hospital services during a global pandemic.

“As the car park has helped the health board to be able to operate efficiently, it is proposed that the spaces be retained in the future.

“Whereas proposals were previously undertaken under permitted development rights, there is now a need to regularize this change of use.”

An existing car park with 49 spaces adjoins the tennis court.

Ms Thomas added: “The site work required to convert the tennis court into a car park was minimal as it was already paved, level and fenced.

“The only work needed was a new layer of tarmac and ground markings for the 25 parking spaces.

“Another small stretch of new tarmac was needed to connect the old tennis court to the existing car park to the south.”

“Visually, the parking lot does not deviate significantly from the former tennis court as both uses require a flat, tarmacked surface.”

Ms Thomas said: “The proposed layout and design has been well considered to ensure the development responds positively to the surrounding context.

“The location, location, design and scale are considered not only to conform but to assimilate to the surrounding landscape.”

Ms Thomas adds that the proposal is in line with national and local planning policies and is “justified”.

A decision on the application is due by November 16.

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