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The City of Cambridge announces the reopening of dog parks and tennis courts on Monday June 15


The City of Cambridge has announced that the city’s dog parks and tennis courts will reopen to the public on Monday, June 15.

Residents should follow everything in force City, State, and public health directives and directives relating to the use of these facilities and should always wear a face covering, practice social distancing and wash hands frequently when they are away from home.

Dog Park Guidelines:

  • All dog park users and their dogs must practice social distancing of at least six feet or more.
  • All visitors to dog parks must maintain sufficient control over their pets via leash or voice command to comply with social distancing guidelines and site-specific rules and regulations.
  • Dog park amenities, including shared water bowls, toys, and other materials, are not to be used by dogs or handled by visitors
  • Visitors to dog parks should provide their own bags associated with dog waste if none are available on site and take dog waste with them if designated bins are not available for normal use.

Tennis Court guidelines (non-contact):

  • Users should sanitize their hands before and after play, not share equipment, and clean and wipe down equipment, including racquets, balls, and water bottles.
  • Users waiting to use a pitch should wait outside the gates/fences of the pitch until previous users have left the facility to ensure appropriate social distancing and avoid accidental contact with others’ equipment users.
  • Users must not participate in pickup games, organized games or tournaments.

Parks, community gardens and fields remain open for passive use. No gathering, group or play activity is permitted. The community gardens are open and the water has been turned on.

Basketball courts, playgrounds, a lotand water play features remain closed until further notice while the city’s COVID-19 expert advisory committee reviews their ability to reopen safely to residents.

For more information and to register to receive COVID-19 and reopening updatesgo to the City’s dedicated information page:

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