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The fires have destroyed 550,000 hectares of fields in Corrientes


A total of nine sources of fire continue to advance unchecked through the Argentine province of currents (northeast), where the the fire swept more … thanand 550,000 hectares from countryside during whats last days.

Speaking to the TN news channel, the provincial governor, Gustavo Valdesdescribes the situation What “chaotic”, because of itcombination of landfills temperatures, low humidity and Droughtwhich has plagued Corrientes for several months.

” It’s old fashioned. Today we work twelve planesThree helicopteryes they send trucks, police, firefighters… We have all this and therefore everything, look at how we are”, affirmed the chief executive of Corrientes.

According to the latest report from the Minister of the Environmentthis friday they stayed nine active lights to currents (one more than yesterday), mainly concentrated in the north of the province.

In this sense, Valdés pointed out that from mid January to date there was7,000 sources of fire » on the currents, go wild with native forests, cultivated forests and estuaries.

For this reason, the government national approved a contribution of 200 million pesos (some $1.8 million)from Treasury and additional 6 million (on $56,000) the Ministry of Social Development for the Province, although the Governor insisted that “extraordinary help” is needed.

“Corrientes needs extraordinary help because of the scale and the impact it has on producers, in the fields, on pastoralists, on rice farmers… We really need help extraordinary to get out of this hell, because it’s something that has never happened to us”, he lamented.



The Head of Civil Defense Operations of Corrientes, Orlando Bertoni, assured that “the fires don’t stop and that the brigadists start to sufferfatigue” and “exhaustion” by difficult days of work.

“In 22 years of leadership, I have not seen so many fires and such a prolonged drought. We have experienced six, up to eight months of drought, but not of this magnitude,” he said in statements to Canal Abierto Radio.

Before him “aggressive” advance the Firetoday the absolute priority of thisemergency teams It’s inside save houses and productive nuclei and industrial, Bertoni has therefore not ruled out burning even more hectares of fields.

the province of Corrientes has no own brigade corps and they are Volunteer firefighters those in charge of stop fires, a situation which, in the opinion of the national government, must be reversed as soon as possible, “because climate change is here to stay”.

“We promote that the provinces have their corps of brigade members. Volunteer firefighters does not always have specifically forestry training”, said the Minister of the Environment, Juan Cabandié, in statements collected by the latest report on the forest fires.


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