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The first innovative RedClay tennis courts


RedClay USA LLC announces the first California installation of its innovative RedClay Pro® tennis court system, imported from Germany, which has already been changing American tennis everywhere since 2018.

RedClay USA LLC announces the first installation in California of its innovative RedClay Pro® tennis court systems, imported from Germany, and already changing American tennis everywhere since 2018.

California is now set to become a long-awaited clay court paradise for American tennis, like Florida, based on the trends that RedClay USA is developing and promoting across the country with its new clay court technology.

“Our first court in California is an important part of the coast-to-coast spread of our RedClay courts. It is imported red clay and smart engineering that removes the cost to maintain the clay in pristine condition, and just as important, uses very little water compared to traditional clay,” says RCUSA President Brian Osterberg.

“These courts are the only practical solution for clay courts in water-restricted regions. They never require manual labor for rolling/compaction, and only need a quick wetting of the surface to play on. Otherwise, they can stay perfectly dry when not in use,” says Osterberg.

The first RedClay Pro® court in California is considered a major catalyst for the return of American tennis to clay courts, rather than hard courts. RCUSA indicates the multiple disadvantages of hard courts, as the predominant surface on which to play is the veritable “elephant on the court” of American tennis.

Sacramento education professional Matt Bruner is responsible for building the first California RedClay Pro® course this summer. Uses include: tennis instruction, ATP/WTA training and the personal enjoyment of returning to clay court tennis, in an area where water usage and maintenance costs are still an issue. Bruner will add the innovative clay to use in his association with his duties at the JMG Tennis Academy and the Rollingwood YMCA.

Osterberg says, “I can safely predict that the Red Wave will continue to convert hard courts across the United States to RedClay, and usher in the era of RedClay tournaments for professionals, colleges, juniors and amateurs. in the United States. Imagine RedClay tournaments all year round: indoors and outdoors, anytime, anywhere. A new RedClay in America that answers the call of Rafael Nadal and all American professionals who teach: no more tennis on clay, please!”

Contact RedClay USA for information on the RedClay courts nearest you. The RedClay Pro® courts are the official court of the Porsche WTA Grand Prix.

RedClay USA LLC is a Michigan-based company, in exclusive partnership with Viacor GmbH and Porplastic GmbH in Germany.

Telephone: 231 622 1869

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