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The Saint Alphonse Foundation offers scholarships to students in training in the fields of health


Students studying for a career in a vital healthcare field may be eligible for a scholarship through the Saint Alphonsus Ontario Foundation. But the application deadline is approaching – April 8.

Saint Alphonus Medical Center Ontario (Company/File)

ONTARIO – April 8 is the deadline for area students interested in medical careers to apply for Saint Alphonsus – Ontario Foundation scholarships.

To be eligible, students must live in the Western Treasure Valley and must be enrolling in a college or university to study in an area identified as a critical health care need. These include nursing, surgical technology, certified practical nurse, medical assistant, phlebotomist, or medical laboratory technician.

Additionally, they should plan to work in healthcare in the area after graduation.

Available scholarships include two Dr. Weese-Holy Rosary scholarships of up to $1,000; the David Bates Scholarship, $1,000; the Sister Kay Marie Bursary, $1,000; and the Sharon Wada & Sandra Shannon Scholarship, $500; as well as general prices from $500 to $1,000.

The scholarships are renewable for up to four years, with a new application.

The money comes from a memorial fund dedicated to Dr. WJ Weese, a longtime local physician, and an annual fundraiser by the Ontario Hospital Foundation.

The application consists of a form, a short essay and two letters of recommendation.

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